Rubber Roofing

We have been approved installers of HERTALAN® rubber roof coverings since 2007. Their solution is a versatile, quick and easy one to install - meaning minimal disruption for you, the customer.

Rubber roofs offer a much improved lifespan over the more traditional felt roof installation. Where as felt roofs will be good for around 10 years, our EPDM rubber roofs will last a lifetime!

Green and Rubber Roofs

There are a range of installation options with our HERTALAN® rubber roofs and we will discuss the best option for your roof before proceeding with any work. As a HERTALAN® Platinum+ Contractor we have access to their newest technology - the RhinoBond® system. This innovative system comes with its own exclusive benefits including the elimination of the need to puncture the EPDM membrane, ultra efficient installation and the ability to be effectively installed even in damp, cold weather.

We are proud installers of HERTALAN® products. We believe them to be the best solution when it comes to EPDM roofing and they have also been awarded the DUBOkeur® accreditation from The Dutch Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (NIBE) - certifying that their products are an environmentally friendly choice.

Green and Rubber Roofs


Where we operate

We cover all areas of the West Midlands. Please contact Phil for a free quotation and to discuss your next roofing project.



A roof covered in rubber, from screwing deck down to completion in 3 hours using a fully bonded technique.

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Rhinobond Roofing

Recent job in Bromsgrove using the RhinoBond technique.

RhinoBond roofing RhinoBond roofing