Green Roofing

Green roofs - also known as living roofs, is quite simply a roof installation that allows a growth of plants and vegetation upon it. Our EPDM rubber roofing forms the base layer, followed by a layer of drainage, then a layer of lightweight growing matter and finally the sedum top layer.

We supply and install green roofs using a UK grown sedum which maximises life length and the environmental benefits of such an installation.

Why is UK grown sedum important?

Quite often, when researching green roofs, customers will find that the cheapest option uses sedum imported from Holland. Whilst this looks amazing upon installation, our indigenous insects cannot pollinate the plants effectively and therefore the sedum will die off in around 12 months. With UK grown sedum, this issue is eradicated and the opportunity for pollination is maximised.

We are seeing the popularity of green roofs increasing in Birmingham and the West Midlands, and there are a whole host of reasons why.

What are the benefits of a green roof?

Green roofs provide a natural habitat for plants and insect life that may otherwise be lost by the space take up by the structure. This environment aids the development of wildlife, especially bird, plant and insect life, increasing the biodiversity in our towns and cities.

There are some immediate benefits to the property too. The layer of sedum is an effective absorber of sound and therefore a real benefit to for homes in a more busy, urban environment.

The sedum layer not only absorbs noise but retains more water from a heavy rainfall than a more conventional roof. Less run off means less chance of flooding in a particular heavy downpour.

Green roofs are also an aid to energy saving. The installation of a sedum based green roof increases thermal insulation making the space below warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Aesthetics are a huge factor. A green roof is much easier on eye than a more conventional roof. It can soften the more severe looking roofs of garages or sheds for example. And particularly in more rural areas, a sedum based green roof can help a building blend more seamlessly into its surrounding environment.

Green Roofs


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